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Welcome to the world of (A.K.A.) Captain Caveman. My real name is T. Some of my interests include magic, MadriGras , sports , and music. These interests are what my WebPages are all about. Most of them are for entertainment purposes only. Some of them may contain ADULT CONTENT *(R rated material). My site is in no way meant to offend anybody. There is no pornography on my site. Below you will find that I have an (R) next to some of my links. Those are the links that may contain adult content. So don't go there if you are under 18 years of age. I will tell your mommy and daddy if you do.



Do I exist? Do you exist? Does anyone exist? If I am here, where is here? If I am there, then where is there? Where is anywhere? Where is somewhere? If somewhere is here, then do I exist here or do I exist there? Do I exist anywhere? Where are you? Are you here or are you there? Am I a figment of your imagination? Is everything a figment of your imagination or is it real? How do I know? How do you know? How does anybody know? Does anybody really exist? What if I am the only thing that exists? What if you are the only thing that exists? What if everything that you can see, smell, hear, taste or touch isn't really there? It's all part of your imagination? What if everything that you've ever learned meant nothing because it did not exist? Perhaps the only thing that exists is our brains? We're all scientific tests being conducted by another species. Our brains are in jars being sent random thoughts of a nonexistent world.
T kE


Here is a brief description of what you will find on my site

 SEARCH  Search engine along with very useful Links
 JOKES (R)  A collection of jokes sent to me from people all over the world.
 RENFEST  My photos from the 2000 Texas Renaissance Festival.
 MARDIGRAS (R)  My photos from the 1999-2004 Galveston MardiGras (
 ALINKS (R)  A list of links to free adult sites


 MY LAIR  All about crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic
 TAROT CARDS  Gives You A Tarot Reading
 LOVE SPELLS  A very detailed page of simple love spells
 PROTECTION SPELLS  A very detailed page of simple protection  spells
 VARIOUS SPELLS  A very detailed page of spells, hexes and curses

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