The Texas Renaissance Festival is sure to be a blast 

for you and your family. I always go with a group of

friends and it gets better each time we go. Their is no 

dress code so wear want you want. You can dress in 

your Halloween costume and probably fit right on in.

Their are even some who go naked covered only in

chain mail. But don't worry. It's not as vulgar as it

sounds and those people can easily be avoided if  you

take the family.










You can find all kinds of merchandise at The Renaissance 

Festival. If  you're in to magic, you can find Tarot Cards, 

Magical Herbs, Books, Jewelry, Rune stones, and all 

sorts of specialty items. If you like medieval weapons, you

can find swords, daggers, bows and arrows, knives, 

maces, throwing stars, and much more. They even sell hand

made furniture like swinging chairs, hammocks, tables and 

antiques. Leather Items are laid out everywhere in just about 

every shop. Wallets, purses, boots, shoes, hats, and clothes.


The Renaissance Festival can be found in other 

states other than Texas. I can not give any feedback 

on any of the others because I have only been to the 

one in Texas. From what I see on other websites, 

they seem to resemble  the one in Texas. Here are a 

few links to Renfest in other sites: Colorado,

 Kansas City, Ohio, California, Maryland, Arizona

Carolina, Louisiana, Pittsburgh, Dallas/Ft.Worth.

Thank you for visiting and come back soon.






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